History Group Reports


Any archaeological activity needs to be thoroughly documented to make sure that, if in the future there are any further investigation due to say improvements in technology or methodology, then precise details of what has gone on before are available. 

The Covington and Keyston History Group aims to do exactly that when producing any reports. As we try and cram more and more information into our reports, they can become fairly large, we will try to accommodate this by providing the reports in PDF format but even then, they may still be large.

Reports may be logged with the Archaeology Data Services web site Archaeology Data Service - (search for 'Covington' or 'Keyston' in the 'Where' search box) but they do always allow direct access to a report so that you can download it and they insist that site reference details are openly available but whilst we are still working on the site, we cannot do this, so we will try to make public versions available here.

Covington Big Dig 8th – 10th June 2012 (PDF)
Covington Archaeology Project 20 – 30th Sept 2013 (PDF)
Covington Archaeology Project 1st – 28th Aug 2014 (PDF)
Fieldwalking at Michels Field Covington 2014 (PDF)
Covington a Medieval Village November 2015 (PDF)
Keyston Dig 2022 (Including 2020 Field walking) (PDF)
Covington Dig Report 2023: (PDF)