Parish Meeting

Covington Parish Meeting

Our Parish Meeting is the smallest unit of democracy in the UK.
Because we have such a small electorate, just about 80, we have no need to elect Parish Councillors. We are all Parish Councillors. We elect a Chairman and a Clerk.
We have limited power but we can, through the District Council, raise a small rate to spend on things in our village. Our comments on planning proposals must be considered but not necessarily heeded.
We meet twice a year and rely on residents' interest. Special meetings can be called, rarely, but usually to discuss planning proposals.

Elected Officials

Covington Parish MeetingRole Holder
ChairmanMr Simon Luscombe
ClerkMrs Shirley Matthews, OBE
Tree WardenMrs Mo Brown
Footpath WardenMrs Carole Ludford
Neighbourhood Watch Mr Michael Matthews
Amenities Committee Mrs Sarah Scofield

Covington Planning CommitteeRole Holder
MemberMr Warren Brown
MemberMr Peter Sewell
MemberDr Fiona McCullagh-Fells
MemberMrs Sarah Schofield
MemberMrs Linda Lockhart
MemberMr Rex Bigger
MemberMr Simon Williams

Covington Parish Meeting: Agendas and Minutes


Covington Budget Setting Meeting - Planned to take place on 23rd October 2019

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