Parish Meeting

Covington Parish Meeting

Our Parish Meeting is the smallest unit of democracy in the UK.
Because we have such a small electorate, just about 80, we have no need to elect Parish Councillors. We are all Parish Councillors. We elect a Chairman and a Clerk.
We have no real power but we can, through the District Council, raise a small rate to spend on things in our village. Our comments on planning proposals must be considered but not necessarily heeded.
We meet twice a year and rely on residents' interest. Special meetings can be called, rarely, but usually to discuss planning proposals.


Elected Officials

Covington Parish Meeting

Chairman: Linda Lockhart
Clerk: Shirley Mathews OBE

Tree Warden: Mo Brown
Footpath Warden: Jonathan Baker
Neighbourhood Watch: Michael Matthews

Planning Committee

Chairman: Polly Sewell
Members: Samantha Thomson, Polly Sewell, Warren Brown, Peter Sewell, Fiona McCullagh-Fells, Simon Luscombe and Sarah Schofield




Covington Parish Meeting: Agendas and Minutes

Annual Meeting Minutes - 19th April 2017