Covington Parish Meeting – 23rd October 2019

Covington Parish Meeting

You are hereby invited to attend the Parish ‘Budget Setting’ Meeting at the Village hall on Wednesday 23rd October 2019 at 7.30pm.


1   Apologies for absence
2   Declarations of interest in matters on the Agenda
3   Minutes of Parish Meetings 17th April 2019 and 3rd June 2019

4   Matters Arising from Minutes

5   Finance

  1. Report on Audit
  2. Retrospective Approval of payments
  3. Budget 2019/20
  4. Precept 2019/20

6   Reports of Representatives / Officers

  1. Footpaths
  2. Neighbourhood Watch
  3. Tree Warden
  4. Amenities Committee

7   Report of Special General Planning meetings and Planning Committee

1) 10th September 2019

2) 17th September 2019

10  Correspondence

11  Any Other Business
12  Date of next meetings
1) Condition of village roads      

Please notify me of any additional items you wish included on the Agenda no later than Tuesday 15th October

Shirley P Mathews OBE, Clerk.

2nd October 2019

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