Books we will discuss at our July 2nd meeting

The next book group meeting will be Monday June 4th in the village hall. When we will discuss the books we have been reading in June. For June the Covington Book Group members have had a choice of two books for their reading pleasure. Either Barkskins by Annie Proulx or Black Water Lilies by Michel Bussi or of course both. In addition copies of three other books were made available to members at the June 4th meeting:- The Girl in Green by Derek B Millar, I am Pilgrim by Terry Hayes and the World Book Night Book You Don’t Know Me by Imram Mahmood. We will also discuss these books if any members wish to.
As usual snacks and liquid refreshment will be available – hope to see you there!!!

Please note this will be the final Book Group Meeting ahead of the summer break. Our next meeting will be in September on Monday 3rd. At this meeting we will discuss whatever group members have chosen to read over the summer months.

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