What we thought of the books we read in January

Office & A Spy Robert Harris: Generally this was felt to be a really good read, with a number of the group describing it as a real page turner ‘I couldn’t put it down’. Some members felt it took a while to get into. The book was felt to be true to Robert Harris’ strength of writing ‘fictional faction’. It is fair to say that those members of the group who knew the ‘true story’ and hence the outcome found the book a little drawn out. Overall the book got a group thumbs up and would be a recommended read for reader who enjoy thrillers. ‘5 out of 5 for me’


Wolf Border by Sarah Hall: This book definitely divided the group with a minority of the group really enjoying it and other members finding it ‘ridiculous’. The main criticisms were around the plot being unrealistic without a sufficiently engaging cast of characters to allow suspension of disbelief. Where the group did agree was that the book was very evocative of the landscapes and settings of the story especially the parts set in the Lake District ‘made me want to put my walking boots on’.

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