Visit to Queen Eleanor Cross – June 2018

The Covington History Group is planning a visit to Queen Eleanor Cross and Church in Geddington one weekday in early June. This is an English Heritage site and we will be escorted around the site by a guide. This will be followed by lunch at a local pub. You can find out more from the English Heritage website here. Please contact Richard Brown for further information, either directly or via the Contact form below.

In 1290 Eleanor of Castile, the beloved wife of Edward I and mother of his 14 children, died at Harby in Nottinghamshire. The places where her body rested during the journey south to its tomb in Westminster Abbey were marked by stone crosses.

The stately triangular Geddington cross, with its canopied statues surmounted by a slender hexagonal pinnacle, is the best-preserved of only three intact survivors.

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