VIP Owls

VIP Owls

Covington has had a visit from two very special guests this week, this rare moment captured beautifully by resident photographer, John Turrell.

In John’s words “… a chance, lucky snap, with a lens not designed for the job. I get lots of such wildlife in the garden because it has been optimised for the purpose over the years and made so that most of the interesting ‘goings on’ can be watched from the house without disturbing anything. There is a vast array of animals and birds either living or passing through at any one time and although I am a photographer I have never bothered photographing things that I see all the time! …other than this one lucky shot that I thought might appeal to everyone.”

We haven’t been able to identify them as yet, but hope to find out more in due course. Hopefully they will return and pose for John again.


One thought on “VIP Owls

  1. That’s a fabulous shot John! Tailoring your garden for wildlife has obviously paid off. It would be interesting to know what kind of owls they are.

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