History Group Research


The Covington and Keyston History Group is also very interested in Local History.

The problem being that investigating a building / person or business, involves a significant amount of research. Either through local knowledge or archive material. And bringing it all together into a single source can be time consuming and extensive.

The most ambitious activity the group has undertaken is the development of the Covington Timeline. This document is basically a large scroll showing the extended history of the village. It is hoped that we can capture it in such a way that we can show it on this web page but that currently seems out of reach.

This does not mean we cannot show other items of research, please note that although we try to be as accurate as possible research is not an exact science and if you spot any enhancements / corrections please let us know via the contact us form on the previous page.

History of Covington’s Manor House(s):   Covington Manors (PDF)