Special General Meeting – 10th September 2019

The parish has been invited to comment, as part of the consultation process, on the proposal detailed below,

Proposal to make various changes to a Public Rights of Way network surrounding Covington

Cambridgeshire County Council is investigating a proposal to make various changes to the Public Rights of Way network in the parish of Covington (PE28 0RT). The package of changes is proposed under either Section 118 and 26 or Section 119 of the Highways Act 1980.

The scheme would result in two new links meeting Public Bridleway NA414 Hargrave in the county of Northamptonshire

All residents are invited to attend a meeting, which will take place on TUESDAY 10th SEPTEMBER 2019 at 7.00pm in THE VILLAGE HALL.

Mr. James Stringer (The Asset Information Definitive Map Officer at Cambridgeshire County Council) will be attending with a colleague to assist us with further details of the procedure etc.

Simon Luscombe and I have accepted Simon & Oliver Williams invitation to walk the route with them on Sunday 8th August, meeting at Fairy’s Lodge farm gate at 3.00pm.

Shirley P. Mathews OBE

Clerk to Covington Parish Meeting

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