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Replica Roman Kiln, Manor Field, Covington

See also Jigsaw Cambs.

In July, Jigsaw Cambs. ran an experimental archaeology training course during which participants would build and fire a replica Roman kiln in Manor Field, Covington. The activity was led by Jon Cane who has built two other kilns, the last one being at Fane Road, Peterborough. The kiln took one day to build, one day to fire and a further day to cool, empty and remove. Jigsaw members who had made or decorated pots in earlier courses on Medieval and Roman pottery were given the opportunity to have their work fired in this kiln. Pots made by Jon that were also fired in the kiln were offered for sale at the Training Dig Open Day. Enjoy the selection of photos below (kindly taken by John Turrell) recording every stage of the process.

Start with raw materials, Jon Cane - potter, artist and builder of replica Roman kilns...
... and a band of willing volunteers.
The kiln was dug out and the first course of bricks laid.
Jon checked his plan...
Jon and Jo weren't sure...
The stokehole was built and tested.
The rest of the kiln was built.
All possible air vents were filled in.
The kiln was filled with pots Jon had made and also pots decorated by participants in the Roman pottery course and made by participants in the Medieval pottery course.
Some modifications were made.
Firing is a long and hot process...
... and icecreams were called for! The flames roared and the chimney chuffed as the temperature within climbed to 900 degrees (and beyond).
Late in the evening, it was all over.
Next day: The moment of truth.
Sadly, the kiln had to be demolished.
An unforgettable experience for those who took part.