Customs originally rung
in Covington



The Death Knell

- rung about an hour after the death of a resident but not after sunset, rung on the tenor bell for a man, on the 2nd bell for a woman and a child of either sex. The bell was rung up and tolled in minute strokes for 20 minutes, then the bell rung down and the date of the death chimed. In this parish there were no other teller strokes rung to indicate the age of the deceased.

The Funeral Bell

- the same bell tolled (chimed) in half minute strokes for 15 minutes before a funeral.

The Sermon Bell

- the treble bell is rung for a short period before the bells are chimed for services to indicate that there is to be a sermon preached.

Sunday Uses

- the treble bell is rung prior to early morning services. For other services the tenor bell is raised half an hour before and rung for 15 minutes, then is rung down and all 3 bells chimed for 10 minutes. Lastly, the tenor tolls for the last 5 minutes.


- the bells are rung full circle on New Year's Eve and other special occasions and usually on the day of a wedding.